Option-Tunities: a truly New Energy Empowerment Planning Meeting template

There is a backstory to this, but it’s really not important to the main idea that I want to convey.  The participants came and were involved to the extent they were needed for this to be created.  They did their job and they did their job well.

We’d planned for several weeks, a number of us, to gather and discuss what we could do to empower ourselves and each other in the community where we live.  We decided on the place, the participant list, the food, the time, the day.  All that was left was for people to show up and start the meeting.

The morning of the meeting arrived — but where were all of the participants who’d promised to come?

I was there — it was my office, after all.  I brought Kona, my dog.  And then Isobel arrived, bringing some of her spectacular homemade cookies and treats.  Greg came too, and we sat down and enjoyed some excellent Kona coffee and cookies and the treats I brought.

The “purpose of the meeting” that we’d come to discuss that day was “how we empower ourselves” and “how to empower our city.”

Another one of the participants arrived and brought in some homemade soup and a few other things; circumstances evolved that called her away, and she never returned.  And no one else came.  We expected her to return; we expected others to arrive.

So Greg, Isobel and I sat and just talked.  It had been a long time since we’d visited, and we had a lot of stories to catch up on.

We sat, talked, drank coffee, ate cookies, petted Kona, laughed, cried, told more stories, all of us sharing what’s been going on with us, and laughed and laughed and laughed some more.

Eventually it was noon, and the soup was smelling good, and I’d brought some home-baked bread and salad, so we had lunch — and kept talking and telling stories and laughing.

We realized eventually that no one else was coming.  But we were having a good time, and were observing in ourselves that we were allowing this “thing” to just take its own direction.  We weren’t trying to force anything to happen, weren’t worried about “plans not working out the way we’d expected” — well, truthfully, I was wondering about it, but we were having so much fun together I wasn’t worried about it or judging it.  We also noticed that years ago we would have been mighty upset, to come to a meeting, take our valuable Saturday morning afternoon time and “do nothing.”  And here we were, “doing nothing” but laughing and telling stories and eating together, and it was fine.  It was okay.  It was, actually, perfect.

And then about six weeks later, Adamus (channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe) said this:

You have a problem, let’s say. Your mind starts worrying about it. Just think of anything in your life that you have going on right now. It can be large, small, it doesn’t matter. Any particular issue.
A tax problem, just a schedule problem. Anything. Medical, anything.
Typically, you just worry about it, and your mind goes over … worries about all the details. But now, as the mental-creative combine together, you can actually take a deep breath, and …it’s difficult to explain, but you stop thinking about it and worrying about it.
The situation is still there, but instead of worrying about it, you actually release it.
You release it. You don’t focus on the details. At this point you call in these creative energies.
It’s you. It’s your creative energy, but you allow those to come in.
And instead of mentally worrying about the problem – this comes back to the point of trust – you allow the creative energies to just wash it, flow over it, flow with it.
You don’t focus the mental. You don’t try to think about what little details you have to attend to, because that’s a mental thing. You don’t start worrying about the consequences of your thoughts or your decisions.
You take a deep breath … and by the way, this is very much like the New Think that Kuthumi talked about.
You take a deep breath. Let that creative energy come in.
And just be with it for a moment. It’s very, very simple. You just be with it for a moment.
And you truly try to refrain from doing a lot of mental thinking about it. That mental thinking is actually … it got you by, up to a point. But the mental thinking has actually limited you, limited the potentials, definitely limited the outcome, and consumed tremendous amounts of energy worrying about problems. I’m basically saying you don’t need to worry about it.
It doesn’t mean running from it, ignoring it or hiding it. It means you can sit in this moment, Mary, you can take a deep breath, whatever issue, problem … and you let that creative energy come in.
You don’t think about it here. You’re just in with these energies. You don’t think about it.
Just breathe in with it for a little while. Feel into it.
The moment your mind starts going to work with the details, with the worrying, with the what ifs you heard before … our dear friend said she wants to go to Egypt, and then suddenly the mind popped in and start worrying about the details. No. Egypt! Egypt!
So you breathe in. Instead of “I don’t have the money, I don’t know if I have the time, I don’t know if it’ll be safe,” you breathe in. You feel your passion. Suddenly, that brings in a flow, a stream of this creative energy, and creative is problem solving. Creative is opening new doors.
Creative brings in passion and energy.
So instead of worrying about it or thinking about the details, which the mind can attend to later, now you just breathe in that creative. It is truly the integration of the mental-creative into this moment.
This is a type of merabh, an energy shift. It doesn’t involve thinking. No stress. No struggling. If you find out that there’s any type of mental struggling, you’re back in your mind.
It’s very simple, and, my dear friends, it’s where you’re going to.
It does require trust, yes. It does require, but once you at least practice with it and play with it, you’ll suddenly see how things start resolving themselves. You don’t have to work at … you should not have to work at your life. You really shouldn’t. Yes, to a degree, there’s outside energies, other people, and sometimes that requires work. But you should not have to work at your life. You shouldn’t have to think your way through it. You shouldn’t worry about it. You shouldn’t have all these “what’s wrong with me” tapes going on. You shouldn’t be struggling or stressing. And if you are, if you are, it’s old programming. It’s because you’re still locked into the mental.
You get into this flow with the creative energies – working in harmony, working in tandem with the mental – you get into that flow, and suddenly it’s easy. Suddenly, it’s very easy.

So that’s what we were doing.

A couple of weeks before our meeting, I had a channeling session from Marisa Calvi, who channels Kuthumi; Kuthumi was all excited about our upcoming meeting because we were going to be developing a “template”.  An Empowerment Template.  I was so anxious and excited to see what we came up with.

And when the meeting was over, I just couldn’t see what we’d done.  We created a template by that?  By sitting, talking, telling stories, eating, laughing, crying, sharing from the heart, petting the dog, letting him play with his really loud squeak toy when the story got intense, drinking coffee, eating chocolate chip cookies — that was a new Empowerment Template for Humanity?  Huh?

And yes, that’s it.

But only for the very, very brave and empowered and sovereign souls.  This is not going to work for people who still want to control and judge things.  It only works if everyone present can be their very highest vibrational, sovereign, empowered Self, fully wanting what’s best for themselves AND the others, and willing to put all expectations of “what’s always been done” aside.

So, if you’re really brave, and if your group is really, really brave and ready for this, try it.

Bring your “problem,” your “issue”, your “challenge” to the room, to the meeting.  Everyone present could write down their thing on a piece of paper and put it in a bowl somewhere in the room — and then go have fun.  Eat, talk, laugh, share, play with puppies and kitties, do whatever brings you all the most joy.  Release it to be taken care of in the best way, most empowering way for all, that’s possible.  Trust that it’s taken care of.

That’s it!

And watch those Potentials line up.

No expectations, now; and no wondering if you did it right.  You did.  The key thing is the Fun, the Play, the Joy.

And be open to all of the glorious Option-Tunities that arise.


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